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Fatale schaduwen - Josh Lanyon
€ 14,95

Fatale schaduwen, Josh Lanyon

Adrien English is eigenaar van een boekwinkel en schrijft in zijn vrije tijd misdaadromans. Op een dag wordt zijn medewerker en jeugdvriend Robert dood aangetroffen in een steegje achter zijn huis. Vermoord.
Wanneer de politie Adrien als hoofdverdachte blijkt te zien in deze zaak, gaat hij - ondanks de waarschuwingen van een knappe rechercheur - zelf op zoek naar de moordenaar...

Dit bloedstollende verhaal houdt je tot aan de verrassende ontknoping in zijn greep. 

De liefhebbers van detectives kunnen hun hart ophalen aan dit met homo's bevolkte spannende verhaal. Dit is het eerste boek van de Adrien English-serie, over de sympathieke boekhandelaar en amateurdetective. In 2012 verschijnt deel 2.

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Benson at sixty - Michael Carson
€ 13,95

Benson at sixty, Michael Carson

Martin Benson, after a lifetime away, has made it home to Merseyside. He's bought a house at the top of his town and filled it with souvenirs of a wandering life. He shares a home with a stern partner, a motorcycle test examiner, Rob, who tripped over him comatose one dark night on the prom, sensed Benson was a slave to the bottle, took him to a meeting of QA (Queer Alcoholics) and moved in.  Rob sets out to make a new man of Benson.

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Twentysix - Jonathan Kemp
€ 13,95

Twentysix, Jonathan Kemp

In this explicit and startling meditation on sex and language, an unnamed narrator travels to cruising grounds and clubs, pushing the boundaries of desire and the body in a relentless pursuit of pleasure.

Jonathan Kemp's prose takes us to places language rarely goes.  In each chapter, titled after a letter of the alphabet, he details his characters' encounters with luminous intensity, while at the same time facing the impossibility of capturing the moments he describes.

Praise for London Triptych ; 'Vivid and visceral, London Triptych cuts deep to reveal the hidden layers of a secret history.' Jake Arnott

'Kemp's language is beautiful; his characters are carefully drawn. A touching and engrossing read.' Attitude

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The evolution of Ethan Poe - Robin Reardon
€ 15,40

The evolution of Ethan Poe, Robin Reardon

Ethan Poe is just 16 and in the space of a few months his life has become a complicated mix of facts, theories, and hypotheses. Things he knows beyond doubt: his parents are divorcing, his older brother Kyle is exhibiting alarming behavior, and his best friend is turning into a spiritual fanatic. Then there are the shifting uncertainties-including his feelings toward his father and his desire to both blend in and stand out in his rural Maine hometown. Most pressing of all, there's his attraction to Max Modine, a boy he wants to know much better than he does.

'A compelling story well worth your time... Reardon is an author to watch." -- Bart Yates, author of The Brothers Bishop on A Secret Edge.

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ET ALORS? - La maitresse du pirate
€ 20,00

ET ALORS? - La maitresse du pirate

A flamboyant magazine with a fresh, in-depth and up to date perspective on the world of fun, fashion, fetish, art, gender, bdsm, literature, gay, culture, bdsm, glamour and icons that combines naughtiness with a touch of art, a slice of fetish, a lot of sexiness and a bucket of chic.

Go to the Et Alors? Magazine website at, to read all about it, to see sneak previews and to find out where to buy.

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Judas Kiss - (Timo Descamps)
€ 19,95

Judas Kiss, Timo Descamps A truly original gay feature, Judas Kiss mixes fantasy and reality with verve. Film festival judge Zachary’s handsome one-night-stand turns out to be a student competing for a scholarship Zach must award. Failed filmmaker Zach sees more than coincidental similarities between his and Danny’s lives. As the young student verges on following the same path as Zach, beginning with choosing wealthy Shane over Chris – the guy he truly loves, Zach decides he can mend his life by pushing Danny in the right direction.

Engels gesproken

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Buffering - Darren Flaxtone & Christian Martin
€ 20,95

Buffering, Darren Flaxtone & Christian Martin

From the makers of Shank and Release comes this fabulously quirky British comedy following a young gay couple who find one hell of a unique way to get themselves out their mounting debt problems – internet porn! Seb and Aaron are sick of trying hard to make ends meet so they decide to get creative and take matters into their own hands, by turning their bedroom into a porn studio and selling their wares online to sex-hungry consumers. As their ‘performances’ become ever more popular the physical, emotional and industry demands start to take a toll on their relationship and it doesn’t help that the barely-clothed boy-next-door keeps causing a serious distraction! A deliciously light-hearted take on the consequences of unexpected sexual escapades, this is one sexy romp.

Engels gesproken

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Harvest - Benjamin Canty
€ 20,95

Harvest Breathtaking in its subtle beauty, Harvest is an achingly romantic tale of an innocent but ever increasingly passionate affair that develops between two simple farmhands. Life on a farm is all that sullen teen Marco knows- leading a perfunctory and quiet life of working, going to school and avoiding the advances of girls. However, his self-imposed solitude ends when curly-haired Jakob, rejecting the banking world for farming, arrives to train on the farm. Although initially cautious and tentative with each other, it is soon obvious that the unspoken sexual tension is becoming increasingly hard to resist - something a spontaneous trip to Berlin confirms.

Duits gesproken - Engels ondertekend

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Longhorns - David Lewis
€ 22,95


This raucous sex comedy tells the story of a "straight" Texas fratboy who realizes that maybe all his man-on-man fantasies, going down on his buddies, and falling for the only openly gay student on campus means he just might be queer.

Who knew that über-serious filmmaker David Lewis (Redwoods, Rock Haven) not only had a great sense of humor but ended up making the funniest, wildest, gay sex comedy since Another Gay Movie!

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Mary Lou - Eytan Fox
€ 19,95

Mary Lou, Eytan Fox

In Mary Lou, Eytan Fox (The Bubble , Walk on Water, Yossi & Jagger) brings to life a modern fable with a catchy musical message and a story based on the songs of Israeli pop legend Svika Pick. Miriam (Maya Dagan) is an adoring fan of Svika Pick (who appears as himself). She dreams of being a famous singer, leading her to mysteriously abandon her son Meir (Ido Rosenberg) on his tenth birthday. As a high school student, Meir and his best friend Shuli compete for the same gorgeous guy...

Hebreeuws gesproken - Engels ondertiteld

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Still Side by Side : a diary of making it big in the City - Mioki
€ 18,95

Flikkerzicht 9, Tom Bouden

In volume one of Mioki’s Side By Side the comic artist took us on a journey into the life of Evan and Rick. Best friends since they were kids, they were seen stumbling right into a hot love affair which ended happily with big love. Meanwhile, the two cuties live together in the city.

The fact that both of them have sex with other men from time to time—whether together or alone— doesn’t harm their relationship. On the contrary, it heats up their passion for each other.

Still Side By Side offers hot sex again at every turn, as well as a good dose of sugar for the romantically inclined. Love can be so beautiful.

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After Eight # 4 - Manga, Yaoi
€ 7,50

After Eight 4, Manga, Yaoi

The fourth volume of OpenMinded's well known yaoi series is now available! Over 200 pages of delicious boys love stories varying from fluffy shounen ai to tantalizing 18+ yaoi!

This time the featured cover is from our exotic series 'My Highness', where sneaky genies and jealous brothers are getting ready for some hot Arabian Nights! Other returning stories are Guy/Girl 2 in which Ash appears to have a very strange reason to cross dress; Sem and Cinder, in which Sem angsts a lot about possible competition in his relationship with Cinder; and les Saisons brings us a new chapter in which spring arrives, including fencing princes and lovely costume drama.

As always After Eight offers you lots of boys love with extra plot! We advise you to read this pocket after eight o' clock with some extra chocolates on the side.

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Ook de eerste drie delen zijn verkrijgbaar !

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4 sets van telkens 4 postkaarten van Uitgeverij 't Verschil
€ 5,00 per set

Herman Van Roey

set van 4 postkaarten van Herman Van Roey
2 x 'vlinders' op zijde
2 x 'Scorpio' op zijde




Wim Van Genechten, Sandra Kleine Staarman

Set van 4 postkaarten
2 x Wim Van Genechten:
-Pinky Pong 
-Handy Andy

2 x Sandra Kleine Staarman
-fragment uit strip (wordt verwacht)


Tinne Van den Bossche, Leen Van Hulst

Set van 4 postkaarten
2 x Tinne Van den Bossche
-De mama's van Sterre

2 x Leen Van Hulst
-fragment uit Melk en Sneeuw
-fragment uit Melk en Sneeuw


André Sollie, Johanna Pas

Set van 4 postkaarten
2 x André Sollie
-Afstand (uit: Tjongejonge)
-Stil (uit: Tjongejonge)

2 x Johanna Pas (tekst) en Geert Pas (tekening)
2 gedichten


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€ 22,95


Deze fantastische homo versie van het Monopoly spel is weliswaar vooral gericht op de homo man maar kan door ieder regenbooggekleurd hart gesmaakt worden.  Het spel bestaat uit een groot driehoekig spellenbord met felroze dobbelstenen, alle bekende Amsterdamse gay bars vertegenwoordigen de straten en als nostalgische extra wordt nog betaald met ECU's.  Homonopolis, the most Gayotic Game!

Nederlands versie van Homonopolis - spelbord in het Nederlands, accessoires en handleiding zowel in Nederlands als Engels.

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Philippe Delvaux - Mykonos 2012
Nu voor € 25,00 !

Wolfsvrouw, Luc De Keersmaecker

Na meer dan 50 pornofilms mag het wel, je eigen kalender: Philippe Delvaux, de Belgische powerbottom met 20 cm, ging naar Mykonos in zonnig Griekenland en fotograaf Marc Drofmans schoot van de mooie boy prachtige grote foto's voor de Philippe Delvaux Calender 2012 - Mykonos.

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